Sunday, November 9, 2014

Pressing on...

Love the crispness...
It's one of those super crisp mornings.  The kind that remind you winter is knocking at the door and is only going to be so patient.  The moon isn't full anymore, but that doesn't mean it isn't bright.  Four-thirty in the morning and I was able to see so clearly, probably because of the crisp dew on everything.

Grass crunching, naked trees, every bunny and squirrel moving is a loud scurry.  I love this time of year.

They are saying it will be colder tonight and tomorrow.  The boys weren't willing to walk so far this morning, I think the cold on their little foot pads was a bit shocking for them. Wonder how they are going to like their baths they are getting a bit later today. I am betting both will curl up in front of a fireplace and chill out.

I am going to pull some wood upstairs today, I have a feeling tonight after dinner a nice fire is going to be very welcome.  Warmth for the soul and the body.

I didn't get as much done as I had hoped yesterday.  Although I came to the conclusion that I might have a bit of a hoarder tendency when it comes to fabric, yarns, fibers and any books relating to all of that.

A mouse had gotten into my fabric cabinet during the move.  Being the person I am when it comes to my fabrics I decided the whole mess needed to be washed.  Now, it's highly possible that I did not take into consideration the scope of that project.

Should have been easy to unpack... Should of...

I have been sewing and doing needle work since high school, but conservatively  lets say since before my daughter was born, then the years won't seem so shocking.  There are decades worth of memories tied up in those bits and pieces.   I was a bit brutal with throwing out fabrics that I now know cannot be used for quilting, that being said, the first box is almost finished.  Over six hours of yesterday was spent washing, ironing and sorting.

Simply doesn't look like six full hours does it?

I don't even want to face the fact that I still have at least two more boxes that I am aware of that will need the same tender loving care.  Ugghhhh...

I am feeling like I am never going to get my sewing room together.  I need to at least have a space to work, Christmas is coming and I still haven't finished the items that should be done for other projects.  I am getting ready to commandeer the kitchen island for an indefinite amount of time at this rate.

I have a really hard time throwing away things that I know I can and will use later.  Earlier in the year I got rid of about a hundred cross stitch books, my young cousin needed some and I don't really do much of that anymore.  I love how it looks, but my patience has faded as my eyesight has.  The time commitment is too much in my world.  Even knowing this it was a painful experience.  I remembered how hard it was to gather some of that in the years that I lived "across the pond".

I'll spend today working on it too. After I get home from an early morning grocery run.  Darn critters need food and I hate weekend crowds.  I would rather get up in the morning than deal with hundreds of people all in a very small space.  It just doesn't work for me.

I hope everyone else is having a productive weekend!  Looking at all those stacks it doesn't look like I have really done anything.  I know I have, but it sure doesn't feel like it....