Tuesday, May 24, 2016

love... pride...

The sun is sliding slowly past the houses.  I am sitting on my deck.  A train is running down the tracks, its a sound I rarely hear. It sounds loud and jarring against the silence of the evening.  Surrounded by my beautiful garden in the twilight glow.  It's a nice way to end the evening.

A cup of hot tea.  Hubby.  And our thoughts.

Hubs and I got to see our sweet grand daughter sing the National Anthem tonight at the Cardinals v. Cubs game.  It was one of the greatest moments.  I was in tears, watching my girl, with tears in her own eyes, watching her girl.  She looked so tiny way down there on the field.  Thank goodness for the mega-tron! She sparkled up there.

As they started, she looked tiny and unsure.  Her arms held tight at her side as the camera scanned past for the first sweep. By the next, her smile had broadened, her arms relaxed.  She had the grace of a seasoned performer.

 Our sweet girls!

We left early.  We're both tired, after working all day.  Our kids are probably still enjoying the game.  Or at least as much as you can enjoy a game that has an 8 - 1 score in the bottom of the 8th... yikes! The Cards aren't really rallying this time.

My heart soared with the music tonight.  The pride of our two generations of girls... An awesome mom and her amazing daughter...