filling my bucket...

Sitting in "sunny" LA shivering.  Hubs is in the Lou and it's so warm he can't be out on the back deck. He told me it's already 90 on our deck.  How strange, kind of the exact opposite of what you would expect.  Actually, it's been very mild since I've been here and  I am totally not complaining.  I don't like to be hot.

Each morning I have watched the sun chase away the heavy morning clouds, I am not so sure that is going to happen today.  Today's seem heavier, almost like they are considering dropping some rain.  Although the forecast is not calling for any.

I think today is going to be about resting.  We've been really busy each day, out and about and doing things. And my boy is even more of an introvert than I am.  Although he's gone out of his way to humor me.

Yesterday we were in Long Beach.  So much fun!  I love Aquarium of the Pacific, and despite the incredible number of people and kids there, there was still much to enjoy!  I only slightly touched one of the sharks, simply couldn't make my hand stay there.  I tried.  The sting ray's don't bother me so much.  I was bummed to not be able to touch the moon jelly fish again, but did get to touch the horseshoe crabs.

They have the most amazing displays of jellies.  I am fascinated by them, not really sure why, but I am.  The fluidity and motion can mesmerize me for hours.

I truly enjoy touching the starfish, urchins and anemones. Those darn anemones can definitely freak you out a bit.  Some of them are soft as silk, you almost can feel them.  And others "grab" your fingers.  Not strongly and definitely something that you can pull back from.  But it's startling.  The young lady working there explained that the more people that touch them the smoother they get, but in September - when it slows - they are very sticky and grab on to everything.

We didn't make it to the docks in time to go whale watching, but we did manage to take an awesome cruise through the harbor.  Sea Lions were resting on buoys and docks. The islands that carefully conceal they are really oil platforms drilling away. The Queen Mary and the Soviet Sub resting silently for tourists and residents alike to tour.  My favorite part... being with my west coast kiddos enjoying the sweet, fresh, salty sea air.  It was relaxing and enjoyable.

We also spent a bit of time at Knotts Berry Farm.  America's oldest theme park.  As we are not on rides or crowds we probably didn't do as much as we could have.  Although we did ride Bigfoot, a water ride.  We waited in line for well over an hour, but it was definitely fun.  Other than the fact that neither of those kiddo's got wet and I got soaked.  It only took a few hours to completely dry off.

The evening concluded with some quiet television watching while munching on some of the most fabulous tacos I have ever had.

As today slowly wakes up, I feel we will probably celebrate those incredible men and women who wrote a blank check to this country, up to and including their lives and who have gone on to glory, by simply staying around the house and enjoying those freedoms.  The boy will probably play some video games, his girl... I don't know... I hope we will see her, but I completely understand that hanging out with the boyfriends mom could be pretty darn boring. And the mom... well she's going to go with the flow.  Eventually we will go and eat some lunch or maybe we can all go out for a great dinner.  My boy is the truest definition of a man that lives alone.  He has water and monster in his fridge.  That is all.  Thank goodness for instant coffee.

Hubs is heading off on a ride up the river road today, I am so blessed that he understands not only my need to see my boy, but my need to not worry about my boys at home.  The day will come when these visits aren't solo, the boys will have crossed the rainbow bridge, and he will join me.  I miss him when we aren't together. And at the same time, I cherish the time I get to focus on my boy.  I love that I can spend quality time with each of my men, and just spoil them both.  Hubs gets far more time than my young man, but that role is for his girl, not me.

Just having time with him fills my bucket.  His girl... added bonus!

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