Monday, May 9, 2016

mother's day... minus the kiddo's...

I am listening to the fountains, the birds in the tree tops and the random sounds of nature as I sit out here on the deck, enjoying the few rays of sun that are bursting through.  It's a slightly over cast day, so they are lightly coming through.  There is a soft breeze blowing the branches around, that leads to more of the sun coming through.

Hubs thought it felt a bit humid, I am a bit cool.  It can't be too bad, as both my fur babies are out here enjoying it all with me. I know I will head inside soon.  I have so much to do today both home and work related, and could easily spend the day out here unwinding.  Although as soon as the sun breaks over the trees my deck will get so hot you can't stand on it without shoes on. That also happens to be my "I give up" point.  I hate to be hot. 

Neither of my kid's are in town, one is on the coast the other is hanging out up north for the weekend.  She's being a great mom, as usual.   So it's just me, Hubs and the fur babies today.  And it's really just fine by me.  I guess the older I get the more I just don't get involved heavily in celebrations and holidays.  I feel they have become too commercial.  Too much about what marketing has made everything seem like.  Just another opportunity for someone to make a buck. 

I was joking with mom, and told her that not surprisingly there is no card in the mail yet. She would be more shocked if there was.  As the post office and I seem to have a complete aversion to each other. Okay in all fairness, I am pretty sure the post office doesn't have any feelings for me.  And I am just not organized, so I guess I will have to own it.  If you are waiting for me to mail something... please let my husband know, because that is his strength not mine.  

I am also not known for remembering to buy cards or mail them.  It isn't because of a lack of love for the intended recipient.  I am just not a card person. I completely lack this skill, and seem to have no desire to develop it.  Hubs, he is definitely not that person.  I received a card from him in the mail on Friday.  

Today should involve a bit of rest, a bit of work and I am hoping for a scooter ride.


Hubs heard me thinking and the day and blog got hijacked by a nice ride out on the winding, hilly roads that we didn't even know surrounded us.  The beauty was enough to set the world completely right.

We found wild turkey's, so many yards filled with gardens, not acres of green grass - although we saw those too.  We found cattle farms and horse ranches, riding stables and winding river paths.  Puttering along at speeds that allowed us to simply enjoy life and each other.

With wind in our faces, racing against the incoming storms, we had a fabulous end to a day that hadn't promised much...