Saturday, May 7, 2016

finding moments...

Time sure does have a way of flying past lately.  Tomorrow is Mother's Day, a sweeties birthday and I have already missed sending cards to my Dad and Sister for their birthdays.  Safe to say the other two events won't have cards either.  As I am fairly sure that I am still living somewhere in early April.

I am feeling more and more like I can't catch a minute. Hubs and I are puttering around the house.  We probably need to be more intentional, but honestly, it's simply not going to happen.  We're both tired.

I've been battling either a cold or allergies since we got back from Trout.  Sleep has been all I've craved and sadly the thing I have found the least amount of time to get.

We're busy at work, major projects seem to be everywhere we look.  That equals long days that are mentally and physically exhausting.  Being under the weather on top of it, has meant that I am just worn out.  When I'm home, I find myself sitting quietly in my favorite chair longing for sleep.

I'm listening to purr of the mower, Hubs is outside working on the lawn, it's getting a bit crazy with this silly cycle of warm spring sun and drenching rains.  I just finished cleaning up the deck, it looked like a wreck with all the various types of blossoms and pollen that mother nature has been blowing around in her attempt to completely regain control of her planet.

The eldest grandson was by last night.  Hubs and I have been so blessed, between the two of us we have gotten to have quality one on one time with each of our three grand kids.  Full of love, laughter, conversations, hopes and dreams.  He was giving us landscaping advice and offering to come and help us fix up the yard so that he can build his portfolio.

Hard to believe they are all doing so amazingly well!  I am fairly certain a large part of that is my sweet daughter.  We are getting ready to mark the second anniversary of their Dad's passing.... so hard to believe.  I remember feeling so unsure, worried about all of them, wondering if they could survive it and make their guardian angel proud.  The one constant they have all had is my girl.  She's the strength in their lives whether they know it yet or not.

The eldest will graduate next week.  He's got a solid plan for the future and has turned into an amazing young man.  No longer a hot headed teen.  I couldn't be prouder.

The next one down is still excelling in school, he's working and in band.  Pretty darn impressive. I am so proud of him also.  He's great fun to have a nice one-on-one dinner with.  He's open and caring, he thinks deeply. Even while he is still being "sixteen"...

Then of course is our princess.  Hard to believe this year will see her go into the double digits.  Yet when you talk with her, seems she's always been there. She's bright, witty, outgoing, loving and caring.  Of all three she is the one that seems to have gotten the absolute best of both parents.  Hubs got to take her on a date this week.  I am not sure which one benefited more...

My girl is out of town this weekend, so I got my mother's day gift early.  We've been trying to decide what to do with Yuri's aquarium since he died.  Today between me and my girl it became a fairy herb garden.

I also got a few more plants started on the deck.  Who says you have to have a yard to have a garden?

Well, seems Hubs is wanting to trim shrubs, so I guess my resting moments are done...