Sixteen weeks...

Wow, it's been almost two months... just a few short days away since I last wrote.  Since I've had the time to sit still and share the thoughts that have been running and tumbling through my mind.  It's been a busy few months.  It's felt like it is moving at warp speed and at the same time standing still.

I might have mentioned the changes that started happening in July.  So many... I'm not sure what was going on with my astrology sign then, but it must have been major. Personal life, major shifts.  Career, major shift. Heck even with my children major changes.

The only constant, has been change.

Hubs and I started on an amazing journey on July 12th.  Seems like forever ago.  I remember being grouchy, angry and just plain put out with him.  I didn't have time, I wasn't interested, I didn't want to face facts.  My Fitbit was gathering dust, I couldn't have cared less about making time to eat right, much less exercise.  I was in a personal struggle with my career (if that makes any sense at all) that had reached the point it was consuming me.  Frankly, "I didn't give a damn"... take that Scarlett!

But hearing the worry in his voice concerning his own weight and health.  I begrudgingly gave in.  I wasn't thrilled with my inactivity.  I was less thrilled with how I looked and felt.  But frankly, it simply felt like one more battle I didn't have the energy to fight.  Nope, no thank you... No time, no desire, no energy.

I still gave in.

We joined YDPP (YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program), both of us have a family history of Type II diabetes.  Neither of us really wanted to have to face that for ourselves.  Our insurance would pay for it.  It would meet at lunchtime, it was just at his office a 5 minute drive for me once a week.

The time commitment 1 hour a week... yeah that is what he told me.  The truth it was for one full year.

WHAT??  I seriously wanted to strangle that dear man.  Love him as I do, I was not a happy camper.  The timing stunk... my life was not going well.

We are almost 4 months into it.  Week 16 just behind us.  Thinking back to July, I still hear our leader asking me to commit to three 30 minute walks a week.  My answer... NO!  Pretty resounding at that.

I hate heat, my knee was still so swollen and painful, and just where was I going to find another 30 minutes in a schedule that barely allowed me to find time to fix dinner?

That first walk... was brutal.  I was cursing Hubs in my head.  My knee was killing me, I didn't want to walk. The plantar fasciitis that I'd developed in my right foot from dealing with the left knee seriously was not happy.  And... oh yeah... It was HOT!  Stinking, horrible, sweat rolling in my eyes, heat exhaustion threatening HOT!  After all this is the Midwest and oh-yeah, it was JULY! It was 37 long minutes, the distance... not quite a full mile.

Guess what else does not like heat?  My FMS.  Was he trying to kill me off?  I mean seriously?  I don't have enough life insurance to make that a good plan.

He was far more dedicated that I was at first.  I could easily watch what we ate.  I am a bit of a control freak about things like that.  It was almost a game at first.  That and the fact that we had to turn it in weekly.

Again... WHAT?  I hate to disappoint any one, and particularly co-workers.  And here I had to turn in my food and exercise log.  Oh Hubs... what on earth have you done to me?  That was all I could think of.

July 2016
Each morning Hubs and I walked the boys, came home, grabbed a quick glass of water and started our walks.  Dust off those Fitbits, tracking our steps, tracking our time, slowly gaining speed.  Slowly moving towards that first goal. Just losing 7% of your weight reduces your risk.  Just walking 30 minutes, 3 times a week.

Those first few weeks were tough.  We finally figured out that we needed to get up earlier.  We discovered we were in this together.  When my foot or knee had me ready to quit, he was my rock.  Encouraging me, pushing me just a bit harder.  When he wanted to quit, I became his.

Somewhere in the past 16 weeks we've changed. Not physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.

Somewhere in those first few painful weeks we decided together this was just something else we could do. That together we were not only going to complete this program, but we were going to adopt it for the rest of our lives. We could feel the change and we knew that the change was going to improve our lives.

Fast forward 16 weeks... this morning I stepped on the scale as I do daily.  Through blurry eyes I saw that the scale shows a 40 pound weight loss for me.  A toddler less. As I was still shivering in the early morning chill, putting on an extra layer before my walk and lacing up my shoes.  I felt so empowered.  So much stronger.

Last week, I bought a pair of jeans, they were size 14.  Sixteen weeks ago, a size 24 was snug.  Most of my closet doesn't fit me any longer, too bad.

It isn't just about pounds, I still have a long way to go.  It isn't even about the inches.  Again... long way to go.

16 weeks ago, I was in so much pain from that walk.  My leg was swollen, I was facing possible partial knee replacement at 51.  I had my appointment scheduled for the next round of shots to keep the pain at bay.  I never had to keep it.

16 weeks ago, I had no energy.  I got up, went to work, came home, went to bed.  Somewhere in there I would eat horribly unhealthy meals, probably have a adult drink and basically hate life. I was unhappy, miserable, grouchy and basically felt horrible about me.

Fast forward... my average week is almost 40 miles of walking.  I try to get more, but I've been pretty darn busy lately. I have enough energy to tackle everything that comes my way at home and at work (remember I said there were some major changes there too!).  I try very hard to cook most of our meals myself - Hubs and I have seriously discovered what caused us to get where we are at.  Ever doubt it, track your fat grams for one solid day - wow!  Eyes get opened fast! My leg is no longer swollen or painful and most days I forget about the plantar fasciitis.  There are still moments that hurts a bit, but very few.  Shoot... I even own heels for the first time in decades!

This morning walking along the Meramec River in the cold, early morning fog - to Christmas music - we managed to pull off a 14 minute mile.  I even managed to run a full half mile.  I've never done that in my life - so not a runner.
Nov. 5, 2016

Hubs and I are enjoying this journey.  We have found our joy and energy.  He forgets that he is 64, I never bothered to accept 51 (didn't even eat cake for my birthday).  He's down darn near 50 pounds.  We both cherish our power walks and will always search for new paths.
November 2, 2016

Sixteen weeks is just the start of this journey.  We've discovered joy in exercise.  Happiness in eating healthy and finding new recipes and dishes to try.  We talk as we walk.  Planning, venting, chatting aimlessly. Enjoying each other.

Oct.30, 2016
Sept 11, 2016
Aug. 2106
Will I always have time to write now, nope.  I also don't always have time for the other things I love.  Not all of that, actually very little of that is linked to the things I am doing in my personal life.  But I know that is only for a moment.

Something must have nudged Hubs.  Somehow he knew this was definitely the right place and time for us to jump into YDPP.  I give it total credit for where I am right now.  Not just physically, but mentally.  Without the structure and lessons I don't feel I would be in the right place for all the changes outside of this journey.  I am pretty sure the old me wouldn't have been able to handle this path.

Even more frightening, I think I am going to start taking Group Exercise classes next week.  It's time to go to the next level.  Before I was concerned about dealing with the heat.  Now I am planning ahead to avoid letting the cold slow me down.

I'm still cooking, but now I am looking for healthier choices. Bought three cookbooks last night.  Let's see if they are as awesome as "Clean and Hungry".  Can't wait to dive deeper into using my spiralizer.

This journey is powerful.  I'm so thankful that my sweet Hubby loved me and our life together enough to encourage us to start.  And is always there to keep me focused on moving forward, to pushing myself just a bit further and harder.

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