Sunday, November 13, 2016

dealing in memories...

Sitting here watching the dying embers of the fire Hubs built for me, I realize yet again  that I'm not feeling so hot tonight.  Actually, I'm feeling quite hot.  That is what has me a tad concerned.  Sure hope I'm not catching a bug.  I simply don't have time right now to be under the weather or out of any loops.  I have a lot going on both at work and at home.  Illness... bah... I simply don't have time!

Hubs and I got up this morning and hit the walking paths again.  I sure wasn't running, in fact I didn't want to be walking.  But I missed too many days last week between work and the election.  So walk we did.  It was a whopping 27 degrees.  Bundled up, I even wore a hat and I detest hats.  Funny thing is that with my hair all chopped off, I needed one. Brrrrrrr....

Between his measured limp, that darn back is really giving him fits (note to Hubs... when wifey says maybe you shouldn't... it's because she loves you and doesn't want you hurting) and me feeling like a truck had plowed over me I was rather surprised that we had a great pace.  Must have been the cold motivating us to hustle a bit faster.  It sure was biting at my toes, time to invest in winter work out shoes, or heavier socks.  And even through double layers of alpaca my fingers were chilled ever so slightly.

It's been a busy and fulfilling weekend just the same.  After a nice walk yesterday morning, we got around and met up with my two youngest sisters and most of their families for lunch.  I am almost feeling like we should have gone with their first selection of Steak and Shake.  It's been a good long bit since we've been to a Cracker Barrel, it's going to be a good much longer bit before we go back to one to eat.  It was fun to visit, even though I will be in Arkansas next weekend to see them all again.

I was already feeling a bit yuck so we headed home to rest up.  I didn't manage to rest.  Too many things pleading inside my mind for me to take care of.  Some never did get my attention.  So while Hubs napped I got busy on some quilts that I've been commissioned to make.  I do enjoy making t-shirt quilts.

The first one I had started a while back, it's actually a gift.  I've been stalling, for a myriad of reasons. Mostly, because it is a memory quilt of the sad kind.  The bits and pieces of someone gone.  While those often are my favorites, this one was too close to me.  The top is finally together and as soon as I buy the correct backing I will finish it. It's going to be a Christmas gift, so I have a bit.

The next one is celebratory, my next favorite kind.  Working with memories is so rewarding.  It's not mine, but it is for a dear friend.  I have made several for her to gift other's with, so the joy of finally making hers is very special.  I know that she will cherish it.  In fact I know that each one I have made previously for her is loved. It's easy to get lost in the piles.

I have two more that are commissioned so I figured it was time to get busy.  Hours of today were spent snipping and ironing, measuring and cutting.  Tomorrow when my hand hurts, I will not remember what I spent the day doing.  I will be puzzled.  I probably wouldn't have stopped when I did, but I ran out of lightweight interfacing and frankly, I just didn't have the energy to go out and buy more. My goal is to have at least the top finished before this weekend.  I will complete it next week when I am on vacation.

Hubs was busy all day too, he finally accomplished getting both cars and the motorcycle in the garage.  It's been his mission since we moved into this house.  While my girl and I visited this morning, he surfed Craig's list, he's been wanting a motorcycle caddy.  So that he can move the bike where ever he wants in the garage. The one he truly wanted was $350, ouch! But the garage gods must have been smiling on him today, because he managed to snag that very caddy for $120.  Yes, he was a happy man!  With it being so cold at night now, both of us will be happy tomorrow, no frosty windows, no long warm-up before heading to work. Good stuff.

He's sleeping soundly now.

Me?  I've still got a million thoughts running through my head.  I'm pondering the fact that a five year old was shot up in North St. Louis again today.  What could a five year old possibly have done to warrant that.  The fact that a popular restaurant owner was shot and killed along side a very busy highway that I travel daily, just the other day.  And then there is the fact that we have people rioting and protesting in the streets over an election.

All of these things bother me.  I'm all for freedom of speech.  Protest if you want to.  I just am puzzled as to why.  I guess I am more of a do something person, I mean physically do it.  I guess I don't have enough energy to put into making signs and marching up and down the streets yelling.  I'd rather help feed the hungry, gather coats for a coat drive. Or a million other product things that make a difference in another persons life.

I am confused and frustrated.

While people marched, a child was shot.  Somehow I guess my heart would rather believe the energy spent on one could have somehow stopped the other from even being considered.  I don't know how, heck, I'm not sure any of us do.

Maybe that is why I stayed home today and worked on quilts.  Maybe my headache was God's way of keeping me away from things I don't understand.  Hmmm...

As I was stitching today I was thinking about the fantastic evening Hubs and I had last night.  A few months back he won tickets for us to go see Jerry Lewis, he'd had to sing on the radio.  Jerry Lewis has been a part of my childhood, my teen years, and all of my adult years.  He's made me laugh.  He's inspired me to help others with his telethons, and his struggles have melted my heart.  Last night for a precious hour or more, We got to laugh and walk down memory lane with none other than Jerry Lewis himself.  He's 90, a bit frail, but still fun to laugh with.  He touched my heart when he said that he wasn't performing before new friends, he was entertaining old friends.  I wasn't the youngest person there, I wasn't the oldest.  But it felt like all of us where sitting in the living room laughing about old times and memories.

I wonder what kind of memories I will have when I am 90.  Will my memories include all the good there is in this world or will they be a reflection of the sorrow and selfishness?  I am sure they will be a mix of both.  I pray there is more good...

The embers of my fire are gone, my tea is getting chilled.  Those are all good signs that I need to climb the stairs and tuck myself in to bed.  Hopefully after a good nights sleep, I will feel better and ready to tackle the world. Can't forget to be up early enough to see the moon the closest that it has been since 1948....