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Keeping my eyes on the sink, watching that it won't overflow as the pump fills the aquarium.  Good thing I love my boy so much.  This turtle is a lot of work. And I have a feeling the pump is on it's last leg, they seem to last about 5 to 6 months.  And I spent a full thirty minutes coaxing it to drain the darn thing.

I told Hubs to go lay down, his back is really hurting him.  I can't wait for them to finally get a good MRI and decide what happened and how to fix it.  Doc seems pretty positive it's a herniated disk, doesn't think it's ruptured as he can move.  Unfortunately, the original MRI was done of his pelvic area.  Who hires these docs?  I feel we would already have him feeling better if we'd have insisted on taking care of it ourselves instead of letting work comp handle it. They sent him for an MRI of his back and spine.  They did one of his pelvis?  Unreal.

So while he's snoozing/resting, I decided to tackle the turtle solo.  It's something that can be done.  I've done it many times, especially since we moved here. It's just not easy or fun.  The poor guy needed it though. So... here I sit within view of the sink as it fills.

Hubs decided to go walking with me today.  I am not so sure it was a good idea.  We picked a super flat course and only walked a two miler.  And even though he tried to hide it, I could hear the flat slap his foot makes on that left side when he's done too much.  Hopefully the rest will get him feeling good again today.

I love the peace and quiet of the day after Thanksgiving.  At least around my house.  Once upon a time Hubs and I tackled Black Friday shopping.  Sort of.  I'd never encountered it having grown up and spent most of my adult life in Europe, I was curious.

As we are early risers, it was no big deal to scoot out and check things out.  Until I saw the lines around every store on our shopping list.  The people bundled in pop up tents, sitting in folding chairs, hovered around their coffee cups.  Waiting.

I guess I really envisioned more of a Christmas Market kind of feel.  Happy families and couples wandering around shopping.  The pushing, shoving, clamoring for stuff... Yeah, it didn't work for me at all!  I am fairly certain we never even got out of the car.  We simply looked at each other, both of us looking a bit wild eyed and decided that breakfast at Bob Evans looked to be the best idea we'd had all day.  We finally got our shopping done, many hours after those folks that had forsaken sleep had drifted off to their beds for a long nap.

Since then my contributions to the insanity of Black Friday have been items I might need at the grocery or any online shopping.  I hate shopping, that kind of insanity makes me more stressed than I ever want to be.  I am not sure how folks can focus on the joy of selecting the perfect gift for a loved one in all that chaos.

Today, I will complete some minor online shopping, nope, I don't want to wait for cyber Monday when my computer speed will be super slow.  And shortly, when my hands are completely dry, I will head out to the garage and take care of some minor wood working, so that I can finish a few gifts.

After that, I am fairly positive that I am going to fix a pot of hot tea and head up to my sewing room.  I have presents to finish and quilts I've been commissioned to make.  Later this evening, I will be down in the man cave.  I will be bouncing between paint and thread, more gifts to complete and quilting to get done. Hopefully Hubs will feel like either helping or watching some television while I'm working. I love the company.  And working on projects with him.

I am so blessed.  Just when I start to take my life for granted someone quietly reminds me what a great life I have.

As Hubs and I were walking along the Meramec this morning, my girl called from Iowa.  As we chatted away she made an innocent enough comment, but it is still echoing in my head.  Hubs and I are a team.  We enjoy each other's company.  He is my best friend.  So many times we've both uttered words to the effect that we wish we'd gotten together so much sooner in life.  I honestly feel that it's because we didn't that we have such a great life now.

So much time to make up for, so we don't miss a minute if we can help it.  We spend our mornings walking together, sitting on the deck having coffee, talking to each other on our separate drives into work. We take care of each other.  When I am cooking a meal for him, I will be lost in thought, making sure it is delicious and nourishing.  He spoils me rotten.  I try hard to spoil him just as much.  I don't believe that either of us tries to make life just about ourselves.

It's really magical.  I've walked down that one sided path in the past.  So has he.  Maybe that is why we always meet in the middle.  I don't believe our relationship is 50/50, more like 100/100.

The Christmas carols have been playing for weeks now.  Sometimes simply softly in the background, other times loudly.  Not at all because Hubs loves them, he's a Jazz guy, but because I do.

Last night after dinner, he didn't demand I help him clean up, he knew I was a bit tired from cooking all day, so he made sure "my" kitchen was ready for more abuse this morning.  I am a messy cook, I know it.  I get completely wrapped up in what I am doing and little spills can wait.  He doesn't complain, just says he's never met a great cook that was neat.  Yes I know he's humoring me, but I also know he loves to be pampered with home cooked meals and he doesn't take it for granted.

Life isn't perfect, we've been beat up and knocked around more than once.  We've survived many hurtful and terrifying things.  There have been times when we didn't know if we would or even could survive.  Two years ago started a very dark period for us, when we didn't even know if he would survive.

Each time we remembered what was at risk.  We found a way to survive it.  I pray that everyone has that kind of magic in their lives.

My girl is big about saying that what you put out into the universe comes back to you.  It's about karma.  I agree with her.

Sometimes it takes a good long while, but it will come back.  As we embark on this magical time of year I pray that people take a few minutes to really think about it.  To really consider what they are putting out into the universe. Spread love, give joy and simply be the person that you want others to be.

Pretty simple.  Pretty sure that is why Hubs and I are so blessed.

Wow, maybe a bit too philosophical for Black Friday... time to go and create...

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