Saturday, February 28, 2015

Take me back to yesterday...

There's a sweet little grand baby sleeping softly upstairs, she asked me to wake her up as soon as I got up. I'm going to have to tell her a little white lie.  Not a huge one, but Gramma needs a few minutes of silence, a few minutes to think and process the world around me.  A few minutes of nothing.  After I have that I will gladly wake her, help her get showered and dressed and ready to face the world.

It's been a week... a long and pretty much horrible week.  Hubster's has been in the hospital since Sunday when I had to call an ambulance to come and get him.  He's a mess.  I keep getting angrier at the silence from the doctors.  And they simply keep loading him up with more pain medication, all the while he is losing more and more use of his leg and the medication is getting stronger and stronger.

Frustration just might not be a strong enough word.

Our little Angel did not realize Grampa was still in the hospital, she was here when he'd gone, but she was sure I had brought him home when she came home from her visit to the hospital, on Tuesday.  To put it mildly she was less than pleased with me for not keeping her more informed.

I picked her up yesterday and took her with me on my return trip.  Sadly, the amount of medication they are giving him now has him very dazed and out of it, but he sure recognized and slightly perked up when the Angel strolled in the room with her dinner and drink to enjoy some time with her Grampa.

We didn't stay long, but she felt she needed to stay with Gramma and keep her company.  I'm so happy she did!

We made popcorn, "the old fashioned" way (I have a popcorn popper).  Her eyes about popped out of her head when it started popping.  I have a Amish multi color mix of popcorn, it's all different shades of white and yellow when it pops.  Oh my goodness did that tickle her!  She was certain I was popping Indian Corn. Makes me wonder what she would have done if I had popped it on the stove?

It was precious time, we talked and talked.  About favorite things, Grampa (I believe that is her favorite subject), about school and dance, and how she feels about different people and their roles in her life.  When I spend hours alone with her it reminds me of my boy when he was young.

She fell asleep early, she wants to go back to the hospital to see that Grampa, she feels that she can hang around and cheer him up.  I love it! And I am glad she wants to go.

Well... I know it's short and a little bland, I'm sorry... I simply feel a bit gutted and rushed.  I am trying to finish a few minor chores before I wake her up and get us ready to go.  The Hubs is having another bad morning if his text is any indication... And there is another round of snow on the way...

We'll talk soon, I promise...