In the silence...

My little house on the prairie heart has definitely been tested this morning.  After an incredibly busy weekend, heck past week, we woke up to no power today.  I hate that sensation of being jarred awake by the incredible silence. It’s eerie.  I am sure if I went to sleep with it, it would feel much different.  It’s strange how much we get used to the constant hum of electricity.  So much so that when it goes away we notice its absence acutely.

In the darkness we walked around the house lit by the glow of our cell phones, the usual routine kicking in instantly.  Check the circuit breaker; nope… it’s not tripped.  

Venture outside into the darkness. 

Can’t see much, but it looks like the neighbors old dead tree has finally fallen. We've been watching it cautiously for years.  It straddles the fence between the last two houses on our road.  Not sure who owns it.  About 8 years ago, all of the other ones around it came down in the great ice storm.  We were without power for about 8 days that time.

All the rain has us watching the sump pump.  It’s not raining now, so we are being cautious, we don’t want the basement to flood.  Too much down there now.  Times like these always leave me questioning the intelligence of putting my long arm down there. 

As the sun slowly came up, our suspicions were confirmed.  That old tree broke in the middle.  It’s been long dead, ever since that winter.  As it snapped in two the large upper branches snagged the power line, it’s almost reaching the ground. 

A knock at the door reveals my neighbor John.  He’s been out in his yard, not much else to do in the soft glow of the early sun.  He’s come bearing one of my favorite gifts in the world! A branch from his old fashioned lilac bush, the reason that the air all around smells so heavenly!  You would think as much as I love that beautiful scent, the softness of the flowers and the sheer beauty of them I would have a yard full.   I don’t.  Not a single lilac graces my collection of plants, bushes, trees… sadly it is lacking. 

John has brought me some to replace those that just faded yesterday, how he knew I have no idea, but I am so thankful!  He is such a dear, kind person and brings the most thoughtful gestures into my world.

Mystery solved.  Now we wait.  Ameren is out there, the drone of the chainsaws is filling the softly scented air.  I am not sure how long we will be without power; it is a watching and waiting game.  I hate the drone of a generator; I hate water in my basement even more.

I feel like a wimp today even worrying about it.  The towns between my mother and one of my sisters down in Arkansas are devastated.  Complete destruction from the tornado’s that ripped through.  Lives lost, homes gone, some much chaos and loss.  I am keeping them in my prayers, feeling useless from so far away.  And guilty because I am thankful that my family was spared any loss when so many others are not so lucky.

The spring in the mid-west is fraught with tornadoes, storms and high winds.   It’s like winter wants to hold on tight and fights the warmth that is trying to arrive. 

What a way to start a week…

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