Saturday, April 5, 2014

Dancing in the moments...

She's dancing in the moment...
It's been a crazy week that flew by in the blink of an eye, and I for one and glad it came to a screeching halt.  I am enjoying this calm with the the sun slowly rising behind me. Cup of hot coffee, sleeping animals all around and silence broken only by the occasional car going past. I need it this morning.

It's spring time in the mid-west, it somehow crept in while everyone was fretting over winter over staying it's welcome.  Spring time means one thing around here, constant uncertainty, mad temperature swings, rain and tornado sirens.  This week, we've had it all, and then some.  Several tornado cells actually made the bold move of going straight up 64/40, just a block from our house.  We were blessed, unlike families in University City, a minor tornado (if there is such a thing) touched down there.  As my heart was aching for their losses one man being interviewed put it into perfect perspective. He was devastated looking around, as he was searching for the most important thing in the world to him. Then he heard his wife's voice and knew that not only had he found it, but as long as he had her, none of the rest mattered. 

Sometimes I think we allow ourselves to get too wrapped up in the woulda, shoulda's and the coulda's... 

I am the staff chair for a fairly major fundraiser we do each year. The weeks leading up to it are tiring, stressful and frankly nerve wrecking. As much as I pride myself on not being a perfectionist, I still hate to not do the best that I can do with everything that I am tasked to do.  It doesn't matter if the taskmaster is internal or external, it just matters that I have said I will do it.  Hubby without the blink of an eye, and maybe only a bit of complaining, always is there to support me and help me.  Every year he puts in countless hours (some it is is self imposed) to create an exceptional power point, finding sponsors and volunteers to be the emcee (a role that suits him perfectly!).   He is witty, charming, and can coax a room full of people to dig deep in their hearts and pockets to support a great cause.

All of this takes its toll, so today will be low key, for another year it has been put to bed.  The quiet is welcome.

That man in U-city's words keep echoing through my head.  Do we put too much emphasis on things that don't matter?  Are we too busy chasing the trappings of the perfect life, that we aren't building the perfect life? Are we chasing tangible dreams and forgetting about those intangible ones that can never be truly owned or possessed, only treasured in the fuzzy edges?

Over the past few weeks I have been blessed to be on the side lines observing, praying or encouraging as I have watched changes and miracles happen.  One friend rescued a very pregnant female cat, she now has a houseful of precious babies and mommy.  She could have not done that, figuring it was just another cat, but she didn't.  Two other friends have been struggling with health issues and they are starting to heal.  Another friend just became a kitty daddy too.  Then there is the one who's son is on a difficult path and the struggles are showing in her sweet eyes, last night watching her laugh and have an amazing time - did my heart good!

To me those are the moments that matter.  The highlight of my night last night was spending time with my family (Hubby, two of our girls and our Grand baby were all there), friends (you silly guys know who you are), and reconnecting with people I only get to see at events like that.

I don't need "stuff", I need those people in my life.  I need to laugh and have fun, I need the joy my family and dear friends bring.  The rest is pretty much just something else to dust (and I hate dusting!).

After the silence and quiet I will get busy.  The girls are all coming over tomorrow to celebrate Daddy's birthday a day early.  I need to plan a menu and get ready.  I also have another quilt to quilt... it will warm the lap of someone's mom as she celebrates a major birthday milestone.

Are you living your life dancing in those moments or collecting stuff?  I like to dance myself!