Smoothing out the rough edges...

Sitting alone in the silence.  My favorite heating pad on my shoulders (I've been a little tense lately and they are a bit tight). Sipping on some of the best Rooibos tea I have had since leaving Germany (it's Bourbon Vanilla Rooibos and I got it at The Spicery in Kimmswick, if you are local).  I'm simply unwinding.

There are many things on my to do list, in fact it's seems longer than I have the hours to accomplish. This entire month has been absolute insanity! My Gator boy needed emergency surgery. The vet wasn't sure he was going to live, we go back Tuesday, I feel much better about things than I did two weeks ago.  Two weeks ago I was sitting around holding him and sobbing.  Afraid that our time together was coming to an end.  Today walking in the sunshine, with Sir Sniffs-a-lot... well it sure feels like we have a good amount of time left together.

I think that therapy is coming along good, although since we've added in weight bearing exercises, it's been pretty sore.  My mission is still to avoid surgery, praying I will be able to.  Frankly not a fan of anyone cutting me open.  Unfortunately since I have been working so hard on the left leg, the right foot is feeling the need for attention.  Getting old is definitely not for sissy's!

I feel like I have sort of been living at work.  Probably because I sort of have...  Hubs and I driving separate is definitely a double edged sword.  I might not have to go in super early on days I have to work late, but I am finding a whole lot of days its easier to stay later and later. I am not real good at drawing lines. Sometimes I need someone to take out a big crayon and draw them for me.

Tonight marks my third day off.  I feel a bit unaccomplished.  My house is still needing attention, I could vacuum, hang up coats, dust, iron, empty the dish washer, and a few other things.  But... well, I didn't, and if it weren't for knowing that it will be March before I have a day off again... the laundry in the washing machine, well... lets just say I am pretty sure it wouldn't be happening.  Frankly, I'm tired.

God graced us with a beautiful weekend, the kind that are unheard of here in the Midwest in February.  Last week we had snow, this weekend we had a sneak preview of spring.

Very uncharacteristically, I spoiled myself.  I finally had my birthday massage, that was so relaxing - until the next day, note to self... you should never forget that no matter how good you feel you still have fibro.  YIKES!  Had lunch with Hubs and an early afternoon fabulous walk with my girl all before my late afternoon nap, and that was just on Friday!!  It's been a long time since I spent a day like that.

Saturday morning we got up early and took the boys for a walk at the park, after all of Gators trauma we felt he earned a nice stroll in the sunshine before we had a meeting at church. After that the Hubs took me on a mini-adventure.  We went to Historic Washington, Missouri.  He's been dying to take me to a little place called Wimpy's.  Maybe I am just moving out of the phase where I find burgers tasty, but I didn't really like the burger, the fries were awesome though! In all fairness, it could have been the "brain sandwich" on the menu that took my taste for meat away.  Who eats that??  Wimpy's is 81 years old, and it's still in the same place.  From the looks of it, it's probably going to be around another 81, unless a flood carries it away.  Folks were sure packed in there... but seriously... brains?

We then spent the next few hours wandering through little shops, mostly antiques and a few specialty shops. I found a yarn shop, and actually a couple of skeins of yarn that I was seriously coveting (yes, I know thou shalt not covet...) planned to buy them, but after 10 minutes of waiting for the owner to quit talking and wait on me, I left.  Sorry, I don't have time to stand around while you discuss bake sales. Guess she really didn't want to sell any yarn.

We ended yesterday having pie for dinner.  It wasn't the game plan, but 4 different shop owners told us we should have pie at Cowan's.  So... we did.  We weren't expecting such huge slices of pie, so pie and coffee it was. We bought our girl one as a surprise, needless to say it safely fed at 7 or 8 people.

It was an unbelievably early evening after that.  And I slept for 11 hours, I guess I was tired. And it's always easier to sleep after a day of sunshine and warm weather listening to a thunderstorm outside.

Today dawned sunny and warm, I think Hubs could tell by the fact that after a long walk with the boys and soak in a hot tub I wasn't in the mood to do chores.  I simply didn't want to be a grown up. He knows me so well.

So after service, instead of turning right, he went left.  All the way to Historic Kimmswick, I'd never been, and was intrigued. Lunch at the Blue Owl, then a meet up with friend that are part owners in a shop down there led to an afternoon of exploring and laughter.  Just what the doctor ordered.  We browsed through some fantastic little stores.  Found a few odds and ends, bought some tea, wandered through the Christmas Haus (oh MY! haven't enjoyed that so much since Kathe Wohlfahrt in Germany) and finally stopped for a hand made pretzel at the Dough Depot.

Sunshine, laughter and friends.  Does it get any better?

Maybe... except for the fact that Mastodon State Historic Site does not in fact have any mastodon's. But it was a beautiful walk in the sunshine just the same.

Tomorrow will be soon enough, I needed these three days.  I have been neck deep in stress and strain both mental and physical for weeks.  I could feel stress fractures happening in my world. My edges were fraying.

How did you spend your weekend?

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