Where there is love...

There is a bright blue sky outside, the moon was still bright white and high in the morning sky when we took the boys for a walk this morning.  It's incredible to be able to enjoy such a pleasant morning in June in the mid-west.  We aren't known for mild this time of year.  It's almost time for the heat and mugginess that we are particularly famous for to start moving in. 

Hubs and I have a busy weekend planned.  Lots to accomplish before the end of the month.  This time around, we know what is waiting for us.  This time around... well... we've got this.

We are getting ready to go down and move my long arm.  I didn't end up liking the original location.  Seems I have a bit of a problem with closed rooms without windows.  Hard to be creative when you are trying not to have a panic attack.  

One of my FAVORITE pictures... Down at Trout Lodge
After that, I have quite a few projects to work on.  Several are due to their future owners this coming week. 

I need this.  Hubs and I both need a bit of normalcy.  Its been out of control lately.  

Yesterday... was calming.  Yesterday... both of us had time and information.

I made a decision that I had to pray on.  I don't at all know that it was the right decision, I am just a human. But my heart feels calm, I slept well without bad dreams and my stress seems much lower.  I don't have to worry about it.  My heart heard God loud and clear when he said "I've got this." 

Hubs and I met with our new primary care doc.  I completely love this youngster!  He listened, he explained, he cared.  This made both of us feel so much better. He explained in detail the things the surgeon said not to worry about.  The old man, didn't understand the stress and anxiety that caused.  The youngster... he understood the stress of the unknown.  Did we like the alternatives, heck NO! Did it make us calmer to realize they are dramatically different than the horrid worst case scenario's we were coming up with... oh yeah. 

With that new found calmness, we both were able to relax and think.  The deep plummet we were in, became a more graceful slide.  

We went out for our favorite pizza, bittersweet.  Hub's new surgeon wants him on a strictly non-wheat, minimal grains, lots of protein diet.  Eliminating all processed foods and as many chemicals as possible. Today, I will start feeding us like this.  Yes, us.  I can't hardly make him healthier and not participate.  On a couple of levels. I will clean out the cupboards, help my girl feed those growing grand babies, and start fresh on healing hubby. 

I am sure that it will improve our health and it will help make my FMS easier to handle. I am hoping it will also help me feel stronger and better for this second go round.  Like I said, I already know what is ahead.  A bit more energy is going to be an added bonus.  Not dealing with my health issues will definitely make it easier. 

Between the two doctors now in our corner, I feel calmer.  I feel like I have a team in my corner, not a man looking to make enough money for his next golf vacation.  I was a bit shocked to realize the youngster picked up on the infection without ever having met him before, yet the man responsible for his care, still hasn't figured it out. 

I know that I have people I love surrounding me, I pray hub's has the same support. 

There are still challenges ahead.

But today... I am finding the treasures and the beauty.  I am enjoying a day well spent with Hubby.  Doing what heals my heart and fills my soul.  

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