Stolen moments...

 Walking the boys this morning before dawn was such a treat!  Sensory overload is probably more accurate. The half moon blazing bright in the early morning, early spring sky.  I love the differences I am observing with walking the boys each morning as opposed to letting them out in a fenced yard.  The beauty I was missing is overwhelming at times.

I can say with utmost confidence that I am a complete fan of three of the seasons.  I don't fare so well with summer, but that is strictly due to health issues, heat is NOT my friend. So the briskness of this morning after three sultry days was well appreciated.

I love living in the mid-west three seasons of the year.  After three days of strong storms, heavy rain, hail and spectacular lightening displays I must admit the clear blue black sky this morning was a welcome sight.  It's early spring in the darkness the sky isn't the rich velvet of winter, it doesn't have that heavy look.  It's softer, moving into a navy, it's like even the heavens are shedding their winter gear.  Well aware that it will still need a coat or jacket handy, but not the heavy parka.  The stars are softer too, they sparkle and twinkle, but they are sharp points of light dancing on velvet.  More like sequins to accent it.

I probably walked a bit slower than needed and let the boys sniff and explore more than I normally would. Even in the chill, it was breathtakingly beautiful.  If hubby had been walking with me I would have included pictures, but my phone doesn't like night shots so well and trying to use a camera walking two big boys, well that's already been proven to be an insane waste of time and energy!

Everywhere I turned silhouetted in  moon glow was the visual evidence that Spring has decided it's her turn. She is tired of waiting for old man Winter to gracefully move aside, she has decided to shove him out the door.  The trees are bursting with flowers and buds.  The lower canopy of trees in the small stretch of woods are showing off.  Sprouting their leaves quickly to take full advantage of the taller giants slowness to blossom. Soaking up all the rays they can before being thrust into shadow by the time late spring arrives.

Then there is the audible part of spring.  As literally hundreds of birds were singing their early morning songs to their mates.  The sing song sounds of so many different breeds making for such a pleasant start to any day. It's quieter now, they've sung the sunshine in and are busy feathering their nests, or searching for food for the mates sitting on their nests.  I am amazed at the sheer number of different breeds of birds in habit our new neighborhood.  I have seen Blue-jays in their brilliant blue, if they aren't just a bit stuck on themselves I don't know what you would call it.  There are beautiful Cardinals, their red stands out starkly in the naked branches of the trees.  They seem to really like my holly tree out front.  Then the Robins, with those beautiful red breasts are nesting in my huge Norfolk Pine, of all places.  I have seen sparrows, barn swallows and so many others that I don't even recognize.

I haven't seen the owls since right before and after Hubby's surgery, but my grandson assures me they are roosting down the hill behind their house.  And the hummingbirds are not ready to make their return, the air is still a bit too cool for them.  I see the giant hawks in the distance and the Canadian Geese appeared to be migrating over the weekend.  Their honking echoing in the early morning silence. "Come on, hurry up" they seemed to be scolding one another.

I love the rebirth, the reawakening.  It seems that is happening in my world as well.  I close tonight so I have this morning of silence to myself.  I can hear the turtle moving rocks around his aquarium, and that is about it. No music, no television, just the occasion chime as the wind blows around my wind chimes.  It's so centering, relaxing.

Last week was good.  This week is amazing!  Hubs is back at work, he was finally released on Monday. He's not at 100%, maybe a bit closer to 70%, but the change in him is dramatic! And being back at a job he loves, helping people and feeling needed has done a world of good for his mental state.  Each day his steps are getting stronger, he can even take a few without his cane (mostly around the house with lots of walls close at hand).  I have watched him remaster stairs, taking them normally up and down instead of one at a time.  And his stride is getting longer each day.  Those baby steps are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Soon he will be back to normal and my short little legs will be rushing to keep up, once again.

The irony is that as his leg gets stronger, my darn left one is starting to get worse.  Next week we are going to start doing water aerobics, hoping to both gain more strength and flexibility.  I have some incredible instructors on staff and look forward to benefiting from their skill.

It's a time of rebirth... does anyone else feel it?  Am I alone?

Well, there is a kitchen to clean, laundry to be done and a delicious Pasta Fagiole waiting to be made for lunch and dinner.... it's been wonderful visiting with everyone again... be back soon...

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