life is what is woven in...

It's quiet.

I decided against television or music.  The dryer is running and I can hear the cycling of the gas oven.  Dinner is cooking, I decided on a nice soup and some biscuits.

Sipping on a glass of wine and thinking about all the blessings in my life.

Hubby is still in the hospital, it's the right place for him right this minute. Tomorrow we will face new decisions and plans.  Hopefully, they will all lead us to the place we need to be.

But sitting here in the silence, the deep quiet that comes when the world is blanketed in snow (which by the way is welcome to leave... it is March now!), I feel peaceful.

My weekend was filled with love and smiles.  Even when I wasn't anticipating them.  I spent most of the weekend with my sweet little mini-me.  She must have felt that Gramma needed some quality time. We watched Nick, she worked on making her first hat on her knitting loom, she painted, and we visited with Grampa.  The important things in life.

Our new neighbors have been checking on the Hubs almost non-stop.  One of them even drove out to see him in the hospital tonight.  Surprised Hubs when he brought him flowers and sat and visited with him for several hours.

It's taking some getting used to.  This almost Mayberry kind of town I live in now.

The same neighbor took his snow blower and shoveled the driveway and sidewalk of everyone on our street today.  It was wonderful to see.  He even scolded me gently for being too quick and doing my own.  I would have loved for him to do mine, but I had to walk the boys... and the old guy is NOT a fan of snow.

Another neighbor built a huge pink bunny out of snow.  It made me smile, the randomness somehow seeming perfectly normal.

My dear friends are but a phone call away checking up on me and allowing me to vent. Each of them understanding because of things in their lives that have lead them down similar paths.

My sweet girl, bringing pizza and hugs and my son's sweet girl sending me well wishes from the coast.

My life has become a very rich, deep tapestry.  I love it.  Even in the challenges and struggles, there is beauty and light.  I truly am blessed.

Deep night darkness has surrounded me, dinner is done just waiting to be put away.  Sleep is calling, I'm thankful for the exhaustion, it promises me a nice long night full of sweet, gentle dreams...

Tomorrow can wait...

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