defining success...

How do you define success?  What is the goal, dream or gold ring that we are all reach for?  Does it change throughout your life?  Are you single focus?  Or are you more like me and have a million little goals that you are chasing?  And once you reach that goal... do immediately alter it for a greater reward or do you slowly savor it?  Hold it in your hands, grasp it close.  Be afraid that the winds will whisk it away or treasure it like something solid and unmoving?

The further I progress on this incredible journey that is my life, I have realized many things are not static.  I have some over arching "goals".  Things that I have always aspired to.  Being a good human, treating people as I want to be treated, being the best mom, wife, daughter, friend, etc that I can.

Have I always been successful at those things?  Of course not.  I have forgotten important dates, said the wrong thing, not been there when I'm needed, been too busy saving myself to see where I was needed.  The point is those are life goals, meaning they are works in progress.  In fact they are more guiding principals.

Success often has many forms.

I got a call at work today from Hubs, he had his annual physical.  As a result of all the hard work, he is OFF all medications.  High blood pressure - completely under control, doc told him that for every 10 pounds more he drops he can expect another 5 points lower.  Incredible!

Hubs is energized again.  He is ready to tackle those pounds that are still hanging out.

I'm gonna chalk that up in the success column.

I came home after a long day.  Right now days are a bit longer than I want them to be.  But they are so rewarding.  I feel that I am making a difference.  I feel like I am right where I want to be. Great conversations, paths charted, plans made.

That falls in the success column also.  Especially considering I was very close to giving up not so very long ago.

Tonight I came home and decided that I hadn't gotten enough exercise in.  My solution... another 2 miles. Just me and some seriously energizing music.  I even managed to drop my pace per mile to 16.42.

Again, success!

I am not sure how I define success.  But sitting at my kitchen island eating a bowl of homemade veggie barley soup, listening to music, with the remnants of sweat on my neck.  That amazing feeling that comes from pushing yourself to your limits vibrating through my muscles.  I feel that I am having some serious successes.

Tonight as I stretched my legs, trying to accomplish a bit more.  I had a million random thoughts rushing through my mind.  I have goals that I am working towards.  Fitness wise... Hubs and I are doing a 5K for Valentine weekend, how's that for serious relationship goals?

How do you define success?

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